Alright —at a glance—

Alright is a library for asserting particular properties about data in JavaScript. The common use for this kind of thing is automated testing (TDD, BDD, etc), and Alright can be used with most popular testing frameworks with pluggable assertions, such as Mocha.


  • Getting Started

    A lighting introduction to Alright, so you can jump straight to testing.

  • Discover Alright

    A thorough tour of Alright’s concepts, so you can understand how to best use it for testing your projects, and extend it with new assertions.

  • Contributing

    All you need to know to contribute to the Alright library!

  • API Reference

    A quick reference of Alright’s API, including usage examples.

Platform Support

Alright runs on all ECMAScript 5-compliant platforms without problems. It’s been successfully tested in the following platforms:

  • 8.0+
  • 5.1
  • 15.0+
  • 10.0+
  • 21.0+
  • 0.6+

For legacy, ES3 platforms, like IE’s JScript, you’ll have to provide user-land implementations of the ES5 methods. You can do so by just including the es5-shim library.


Alright uses the Github tracker for tracking bugs and new features.